Why should you stage?

“Staging is preparing a home so a buyer
can mentally move in”
– Barb Schwarz

Staging your home is a process of making the property more appealing to your potential buyers. By making changes to the existing decor or fully furnishing a vacant home it allows people viewing your home to see the potential that may be hiding under the surface.

Every home Many homes can benefit from professional staging. It is not for the luxury market and high-end housing, it benefits every home. Professional staging is one of the most important and fastest returning investments that every home owner makes.


Why should you stage your home?


1.You don’t want to leave money on the table

Staging a home for sale is a relatively new concept for the Australian market however, The Styling Co. and our clients know the difference it can make to your bottom line. As staging a home in the North American market see a return of around 369%!

Sellers that spent $1000 on staging in this study, received an extra $3690 on their final sale price!

2. Attract more buyers

Your number one asset for getting people through the door of your home, are the images that buyers can access online. With almost 90% of buyers going online to view properties as their main tool, your images need to stand out. A staged home works to enhance the images and draw more interested buyers in.

3. Sell your home faster

A staged home attracts more buyers, gains more interest and can sell faster. Selling your home faster saves you money. The longer a house is on the market, the more the price will drop.

The cost of staging is always less then your first price reduction!

Where to go from here?

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